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  iWorx case studies

Taco Systems Fit the Bill for Health Services Provider Building Expansion
Behavioral health and wellness service provider, Penn Foundation, recently expanded its physical footprint by adding 36,000 sq. ft. to its main building. The goal was to centralize services, allow for program growth and ensure access to care in a modern and efficient new building.

A single-pipe system using Taco's LOFlo injection mixing and iWorx control platform not only fit the space constraints, but the building budget as well.
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Tucson Commercial Firm Keeps it all In-House
When the owners of Tanque Verde Apartments in Tucson decided to upgrade mechanical systems, they made it clear that they wanted a dramatic shift from old to new. Until recently, the 15 acre, 428-unit complex has met the heating and cooling needs of the tenants, but with little regard for the amount of energy consumed in the process.

When the apartments were built 30 years ago, energy efficiency wasn't exactly the main focus. After all, the price for gas and electricity was a fraction of today's rate.
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Sierra Grande K-12 School
For a large rural school in Colorado, getting a new heating system wasn't just matter of 'going green' or cutting fuel bills. While Sierra Grande's fast-paced retrofit accomplished both these things, the need was urgent.

After one of the k-12 school's boilers broke beyond repair, and another caught fire, the building was able to limp along with heat from an old (and last remaining) LP-fired boiler until the district's one-week spring break. The original pneumatic controls didn't work, keeping some rooms frigid, while students in other classrooms sweated all day long. Maintenance personnel often found themselves going to the mechanical room to manually operate individual circulators.
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New Apple Store at Grand Central is "in control"
When world technology leader Apple opened their Grand Central Terminal store in Midtown Manhattan just before Christmas last year, views from the large balconies didn't go unnoticed by shoppers. What did go blissfully unnoticed, though, was how comfortable the space is.

At 23,000 square feet, the stone-clad shop has vaulting ceilings and widely varying occupancy. Lacking walls and doors, the store is entirely open to the rest of the terminal and 750,000 daily travelers, making it one of the best retail locations in the world. Great location, yes - but what about the enormous air exchange and inability to contain heat?
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Architects Walk the Green Walk and Choose iWorx
When a group of progressive design professionals reclaimed an old structure in the Grove District of St. Louis for their offices, they vaulted beyond their considerable comfort zone when choosing energy systems. Mechanically speaking, what they chose is everything under the sun.

Space Architecture+Design, St. louis, has recommended use of renewable-energy sources for interior comfort for years, so when they designed and crafted their own space, they decided to install a geothermal system and rooftop solar arrays as the source of space and domestic-water heating, as well as ample cooling.
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Boarding School Expels Old District Mechanical System
Four years ago, The Williston Northampton School, in Easthampton, MA, embarked on a lengthy, multiphase, cross-campus crusade to change buildings from an antiquated central steam heat system to high efficiency, single-structure hydronic equipment.

When complete, seven of the largest buildings across the campus will have new mechanical components and entirely new systems. Either way, high tech iWorx controls will be the brains of each system. The changes will make a staggering difference, not only in the energy efficiency of the school, but also in the level of comfort for students and staff.
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Coventry Elementary School:
Modular Control Platform Earns an A+ at Coventry School

Although only 15 years old, the narrow, classically designed, 120-student Coventry Elementary School, in rural Coventry, Vermont looks a lot like an elongated 1930s schoolhouse. Solid brick, and one story topped with a white bell tower, it's a convincing throwback to simpler years.

But a complex problem lurked within. The original building management system had lost all control. According to the school's maintenance supervisor, the system was cantankerous, unreliable, and had lacked precision since day one. The company that installed it realized the problem was too deep for them; they wanted nothing to do with the school shortly after leaving the jobsite in 1996.
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Tampa Bay Egg Geothermal
When a large Tampa Bay mansion was under construction seven years ago, the local paper announced that it was being built for Oprah Winfrey. It was an easy mistake to make, given the home's trendy location. The street is famous for its many celebrity homes. Stephen King lives just a few doors down.

"All it takes is a rumor for misinformation to catch fire," said the owner, chuckling. His fortune doesn't stem from hosting a talk show. Rather, his background is in engineering, and so it was that professional interest which spurred him to pursue the most comprehensive controls systems available for his vacation home.
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Boremco, a leading national commodity chemical manufacturer located in Fall River, Massachusetts recently funded major mechanical system improvements, resulting in a 75% decrease in energy costs.

The large undertaking included the change-out of a 15 million BTU, gas-fired steam boiler for roof-top units, all controlled by iWorx BLMC controllers and remotely monitored by the design/build contractor, Thermo-Mechanical Systems Corporation.
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