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100 Series
In-Line Circulators

With millions in service and backed by more than five decades of experience, Taco In-Line Circulators have earned their reputation for proven performance and dependable, quiet operation. These units are designed to efficiently circulate heated or chilled water in a full range of  residential and commercial hydronic and solar systems. You can also use these circulators for zoning large installations, for primary-secondary systems and for parallel pumping designs. These rugged workhorses are available in sizes and configurations to meet all your needs, including bronze construction for fresh water service


  • Proven Performance
  • Dependable, Quiet Operation—Standard equipment on many OEM boilers.
  • 100% Factory Tested
  • Easy, Low-Cost Service—No special tools needed. Parts available nationwide.
  • Available in Bronze Construction for Domestic Hot Water Applications

Typical Applications

  • Residential-Light Commercial Hydronic and Solar Systems
  • Commercial Hydronic and Solar Systems

GPM: 0 - 140
Head (ft): 0 - 39
HP: 1/12 - 1
Sizes: 3/4 - 3
How To Videos:

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1600 Series: Cartridge Assembly Replacement