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KS Series
Vertical Split-Coupled In-Line Pumps
Designed for seal changes without disturbing motor or piping

Taco KS Vertical Split-Coupled In-Line Pumps are designed for optimum performance, easy installation and simplified maintenance. The split coupled design enables you to change the seal without disturbing the motor or piping. The axial load is hydraulically balanced to increase bearing life, deliver better pump efficiencies and lower NPSH requirements. They're ideal for HVAC and Industrial application and Domestic Water Service flows to 2500 GPM.

GPM: 40 - 12,000
Head (ft): 10 - 380
HP: 3/4 - 600
Sizes: 1-1/2-14
Available Models:
How To Videos:

KS Pump - How to Change an Internal Seal    
KS Pump - How to Change an External Seal